Generate and qualify leads
using smart data collection and analysis.
Attract new customers
by providing personalized mobile experiences.
Boost transformation rates
thanks to optimized multichannel pathways.




Your data, structured or not, conceal unsuspected wealths. Analyzing and matching these large amounts of information allow in particular to identify new potential customers.

Widmee enables you to collect and synthesize this information from various data sources (CRM, e-mail, database, social networks…). Widmee also accompanies you in the design and making of new conquest tools (web, mobile or tablet apps).
Prior to defining a personalized proposal for each of your prospective customers, they need to be segmented according to their profiles and the diversity of your offer.

In that regard, Widmee provides you with all the tools necessary and, if need be, guides you in the process. You can then create and adjust your segmentation criteria according to your marketing strategy and the desired qualification level of your prospects.
In order to effectively engage your prospective customers and push them a personalized offer, it is appropriate to choose the best channel to reach them (e-mail, mobile app, call-center…).

Being interfaced directly with your multichannel architecture, Widmee makes it possible to smooth the customer experience by combining various approaches. The objective here is to increase conversion rates while guaranteeing an excellent customer relationship.
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